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When two of the most loved indulgences – chocolate and cocktails – are expertly combined, the result is Choctails.

Created by master chocolatier, Hilary Delamare, every chocolate is a masterpiece of blended flavours, crafted to tantalize the taste buds.

These fantastically eclectic chocolates deserved to dance the foxtrot.

Choctails were born from the love of cocktails by an artist whose medium is chocolate. They are a statement of the chocolatier’s distinctive flair and exquisite taste.

The golden age of the cocktail has Art Deco origins – a period of glamour and exuberance, fitting for Choctails.

The modern black and white Deco backdrops demand attention. The 1920’s inspired illustrations and silent movie dialogue engage and charm.

From food fairs to Harvey Nics and Selfridges, Choctails seduce everyone they meet.

• Identity • Brand strategy • Packaging design • Illustration • Photography

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