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A great-tasting favourite with kids, needing a ‘not bad for you’ reassurance for mums.

With attention going global within Britvic, Fruit Shoot became a focus. Time to align the mature GB market, developing European markets and brand new American and Indian markets.

Fruit Shoot needed a flexible identity that could achieve global coherence whilst allowing each market to emphasise specific communication priorities.

The design concept uses collage, mixing real and unreal media, universally reflecting how kids playfully compose their own art. It also has the agility to ‘change-up’ communications relevant by market.

The global packaging redesign keeps the brightly coloured bottles and sports cap that kids love, tempered with more naturally coloured, fruitier labels to give mums the ‘not bad for you’ cues they are looking for.


• Brand strategy • Global identity • Global packaging design • Brand Book • Illustration • Photography

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