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Lonrho believe in the future of Africa and aim to develop its infrastructure, encourage investment and create opportunities.


To have a hotel chain where international business people can stay, hold meetings,
run conferences and interact is a natural spoke in the wheel to delivering its vision.


A functional need, but with big emotional undercurrents.

Lonrho had in mind a business class offer, with the comfiest of pillows and fine dining with an African twist. 


Delving deeper, it became clear that business travellers to Africa primarily sought the reassurance of security and this meant a desire to be connected – with the local area, with other business contacts and with home.

The brand was therefore built around connecting people through product and behaviour.

The identity communicates this with connectivity devices, a reassuring build quality – plus a dash of modern African style.

We even created Espretto, a coffee shop ideal for meeting and making connections.

• Brand strategy • Identity • Naming

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