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Brought to life with the famous ‘hit of oranges’ ad campaign and an attention-grabbing black pack, Tango was a brand that couldn’t afford to stand still.

In its heyday, one of the UK’s most loved brands truly gobbled through ideas with its huge personality.

Tango never had conventional brand rules, but it had a very clear vision – to be the irreverent hero of British youth culture.

It was down to those who worked on the brand to create its relevance to modern culture: how to grasp it, how to handle it, where to take it and how to let it entertain.

Over 8 years of design guardianship, close team collaboration and a never-ending stream of ideas (some insane) meant that every communication, big or small, engaged and connected our public, who really knew when they’d been Tango’d.

• Packaging design • Design guardian • Through-the-line communications • Illustration • Photography

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