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When Whitbread’s Brewster Bear Fun Factory outlets had run their course, it was time for a complete re-think.

Turning these massive venues into exciting eateries where families on a budget would want to dine time and again – without a man-sized bear for the kids – was no mean feat.

Inspiration for Taybarns came from exploring the ‘all-you-can-eat-buffets’ of the USA and building on insight from package holiday hotels where each family member enjoys choosing their own favourite foods.

Taybarns created seven restaurants in one, with the added theatre of seeing the food freshly cooked in front of you along a 40m food bar.

A confident, buzzing identity captures the hubbub of an exciting, choice-filled experience – deftly creating something new, between pub food and fast food.

• Brand strategy • Identity • Naming • Interior and exterior design direction

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