We’re a brand design agency with a collaborative approach to developing identities that are rooted in a brand’s value set – identities that are not only distinctive but also meaningful – because we believe that identities that communicate are more engaging.
Whether the start point is packaging, brand creation or identity development, we work with the brand’s key stakeholder team to uncover, define, create and develop a brand’s visual language and imbue it with distinctive and meaningful brand assets.

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We have a visually led strategic approach to creating distinctive and meaningful brand design. It encourages, and benefits from, the sharing of insight, knowledge and expertise between the brand’s key stakeholder team.
Our approach results in identities with breadth and flexibility to inspire creativity across all channels – achieving coherence and engaging the brand’s consumer more powerfully, more often.


We specialise in communicating through identity – the expression of a brand’s value set. We draw on the knowledge and insights of the stakeholder team combined with an understanding of the cultural influences and need states of consumers.
Our expertise lies in packaging, brand creation, identity development, POS and other print communications. Excellence of execution and delivery of precise artwork is key to our service.

  • Identity

    A brand’s identity expresses its value set – its visual language, tone of voice and behaviour.

    Our collaborative approach uses the knowledge of the brand’s key stakeholders and listens to their needs. This results in the development of guiding principles for identity across all communications that are creatively inspiring and coherent.

    Our identity development includes: naming, tone of voice, architecture, Brand Book and extension across channels.

  • Packaging

    Packaging is a brand’s flag – it’s the core representation of a brand’s value set.
    When we develop a brand’s packaging we design with the broadest context in mind, considering how the brand’s identity extends off pack to ensure all communications lead back to point of purchase.

    Our packaging development includes: naming, tone of voice, architecture, structure and design source (direction, example and master elements for extending the packaging design off pack).

  • Design Guardians

    We’re set up to slot seamlessly into any team. We’re generous and open with our work, encouraging easy and effective relationships with other creative teams. Our approach enrolls agency teams, so that solutions are shared and understood and day-to-day communication is opened for ongoing development.

    Our guardianship includes: enrolment in approach, reviews, day-to-day liaison, sharing understanding of guiding principles and development of any design requirements.

  • POs & print

    Every communication is an opportunity to tell the brand story. Achieving consumer engagement and brand recognition with every piece of communication creates the strongest brands and maximises budgets.

    Our approach adds meaning and builds distinctive assets into identity, achieving coherence, recognition and engagement.

    Our POS & print communications design includes: extension of identity, creation of promotion, sponsorship or ad campaign visual style for all channel communications and a design source (guiding principles, examples and master elements).

  • Innovation

    Culture is continually shifting, environments change, consumers’ need states and attitudes alter. Innovation helps brands move forward. It takes insight, imagination and understanding. We complement our client’s team by exploring visually from the earliest stages to ‘flesh out or flush out’ ideas.

    Our innovation includes:
    Visual exercises for idea generation workshops, concept visualisation, concept boards, naming, identity creation. We work with the client’s innovation team offering the visual input and design strategy or if our clients require, we introduce our partner AHA and a complete service, end to end from strategy to execution.


We collaborate with trusted partners for research, copywriting, innovation, digital, film content, photography and print, retaining our core expertise whilst offering a broader service, when required.
We also fit seamlessly into a client’s existing agency team, establishing sound relationships through openness, good communication and having the client’s needs at the heart.


We believe in what we do and we love doing it. Formed in 1997 as the number and variety of communication channels began to flourish, we set out to offer quality and excellence of brand design for all communications.
Our experience includes fmcg and service brands providing us with a good understanding of requirements from an identity across all formats, channels and environments. The majority of our work comes from referrals, retention and recommendations.


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